Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a day this has been ....

4:35 this morning hubby woke me up to say he was leaving early for work so he could stop at Wal-Mart and get some cough drops. He has been sneezing and coughing a few days now. I'm taking extra VitC to try to avoid whatever he has so I don't have it for VBS next week. He also told me the computer was still not right. That started yesterday afternoon when it froze while he was in his email. Then he could not get back online. The modem was just dead. Only the "standby" light was working. This morning still no modem and computer was not shutting down correctly.

I got up when he left and decided I would not go to work today. I have vacation hours that must be used before the end of June and decided to take some today. My back has been hurting for 2 days (Please, Lord, not the ever-so-ugly fibrositis raising its head again) and I had been planning on calling off anyway. I had thought I would spend the morning at least flat on my back trying to ease the pains. Instead I spent the morning at the computer.

When I booted the first time it refused to progress beyond the Windows XP screen. Had to shut down with the power button. After a couple tries I was able to boot to safe mode. Able to check out some utilities and to backup important files and irreplaceable photos, etc. Virus scan would not run in safe mode. So did a system restore. It wouldn't shut down so the restore did not take. Had to boot to safe mode again and do it all over. Seemed to work that time but the modem was still dead. So I called Comcast. Actually got thru fairly quickly. Solution - unplug the power cord, wait a few minutes, plug it back in, wait for the modem to reset itself. Ta Da! Everything seems to be working again. Back online. Able to open and close programs. Ran virus and PUP detection. Shut down and reboot good. Uploaded new photos from camera to computer. Printer working. Shut down and reboot in good time. Doesn't sound too bad when you put it down in writing but was a lot of frustration.

That was the morning and much of the afternoon. This evening it was back to church for more VBS preparation. We couldn't be in the fellowship hall as meeting taking place there. That is where VBS will take place for the most part. We were in the nursery with some craft and decorating supplies for most of the evening until meetings were over. Then out to the fellowship hall and moving tables and chairs around to get the craft area and registration area and food area set up. Only 4 of us there tonight - two of us using canes, my sister and I, she with bad knees and me with my "boot" - one who had carpal tunnel surgery just this past Monday and can't use her left arm - and Jen, who has more energy than I remember having in some time. Lots of talking and more planning and lots of admiring seashells we will be using for crafts and some work done.

10:30 before I get home. I decide to check out the computer again and end up here making this post. At least it is working.

Lord, give me strength for all I have to do and the time to do it in.

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