Sunday, June 24, 2007

This Is the Lord's Day

At least we are starting out cool today. A pleasant morning for just sitting around and listening to the birds. I have a huge bird's nest on the drainpipe of my front porch. A robin started it last year and some sparrows have added to it immensely this year. I hear them squabbling out there often. Probably arguing with the chipmunks who also claim the front yard as their territory.

In the back yard there are nesters in the gourd birdhouse once again. I think it is Carolina Wrens. I haven't been able to get a really good look but they have the long beaks and tails that I remember from last year. Birds are also in the evergreens around the porch and garage. The birds and the chipmunks know how to tease the dogs. Sassy especially chases anything that gets into her yard. Chipmunks are living in the rock wall at the back and they sit on the sidewalk just waiting for Sassy to dash out the door then race her to the walls. They also dart down holes they have dug around the drainpipes. Sassy chases them to the holes then sticks her nose down after them. She jumps on the holes with her front feet in an effort to scare them out again. She has yet to win this year. I think there is a whole underground network of tunnels and they pop up and down at will just to frustrate her.

Sister Beth and I went shopping Friday afternoon for thank you gifts for VBS Co-Directors Darla and Jen and Crafts Director (me). We discovered a wonderful sale at the local Hallmark. Up to 75% off so we were able to get the three gifts including the gift bags and tissue for less than the price of one of the gifts if we had had to pay full price. I got to pick out this windchime for myself and would never have purchased it for myself at full price. It is a pair of binocs with two birds perched on them and another hanging below as the windcatcher. I hung it off the back porch but not enough breeze so far to make it tinkle. It has a nice, soothing sound to it. In the picture you can also see my owl sitter that Mom gave me several years ago.

I had hoped to go to church today as it is Rev. Jim's last Sunday with us, but the foot is really sore and the IBS is acting up, too. Nanny had hoped I would be able to make it to sing in the choir but IBS makes that extremely unlikely. Maybe I can make it for the dinner this evening.

Lord, thank you for cool breezes, bird song, morning sunshine and the senses to enjoy them all.

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Dana said...

I LOVE that nest! Oh, and the windchimes are pretty too! *grin*