Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Galilee Day 3

Another day done, praise the Lord! Oh, what fun we had tonight with the kids at VBS. They are all such eager darlings. When they came in they were invited into the craft area and they each made another sea shell necklace (or made their first one as we had 4 newcomers tonight). Beads were everywhere and several times I stopped them and had them each bend down and look around on the floor under their chairs for the "runaway beads" before someone (me) stepped on them. The only "struggle" we had for specific beads was between my younger sister and her daughter-in-law. After the kids had moved on to music Nanny and Kim were making their own necklaces and I heard Nanny telling Kim not to take any of "her" beads. I had to "threaten" to take all the beads away if they couldn't play nicely together. They each completed beautiful necklaces. The kids seem to love the music and were singing their hearts out for Jen during that session then sat quietly for the lesson time and then back to me for the next craft of the night - craft stick treasure boxes. I'll need to think long and hard about using colored craft sticks and glue again. I never thought the color would run and get all over hands. But we had wipies and no clothes catastrophes that I am aware of (not counting the glue on my shirt). The boxes didn't quite go as planned and we had some collapses before we got them all together, but I think they will be fine. Adults helped and we even had some slightly older children voluntarily helping younger ones without being asked. We plan on finishing the treasure chests tomorrow when the kids first come in by making the lids for the boxes. Then they will come back later for the planned craft - "stone" carving. That is the last craft as Friday is Pizza Night and the closing. Jen is putting together a slide show with music that we can have running Friday night to show the parents what went on all week. I wasn't in the wheelchair as much tonight and my foot is telling me about it. Sister Beth was on her feet more also and her poor knees are hurting her, too. But we keep on doing it. I can't imagine not doing VBS.

Lord, thank you for another day in service to you. Keep all the children safe from harm and let them enjoy their childhood.

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