Friday, June 8, 2007

Canes and Gems

Jen made me the most beautiful Cane Bracelet for the cane My Dear Sister got for me. She came to work the other day with the finished bracelet and put it on for me and I have had several compliments on it just in the office. It certainly makes keeping track of the cane easier, too. Jen is inspired by beads and gems. I love looking at the slide show on her blog Dreams, Gems, and Family. Pictures of my Cane Bracelet are there, too.

Finally got a trellis under the rose arching over the back sidewalk. Since I can't get down on the ground to put the new arbor together I imposed upon my hubby to move the existing metal garden arch from the front gate to the back porch. A huge task consisting of pulling it out of the ground (I did that) and walking it to the new location (he did that) and pushing it into the ground (I did that) and positioning the rose over the arch (I did that). He was proud of himself, though. The last light rain we had really weighed the roses down and we are supposed to have a chance of rain tonight. I did not want to take the chance the rose would be damaged by having no support. Someday there will be a new trellis in both locations. But for now, the rose has support and the white arch looks nice there. The roses are fading but the stem is still so full of them its beautiful.

I had a comment from a lady in Australia on one of my posts and have been trying to view her blog with no success. I get to the page but all that appears for the blog is white space. Maybe she has it marked private? or is there someother reason I can't see it? She said my pictures look a lot like her area also. I often think of other places as exotic and West Virginia as mundane and then something happens that makes me open my mind and my eyes again and see the whole world as wonderfully connected and interdependent. How can we not take care of this world God has given us? It's not like we could move somewhere else and forget about the mess.

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Jen said...

Oooh! When the roses grow over the arch, that is going to make such a beautiful picture...I will probably be in your yard at dawn! Hehehe! I am glad Uncle was able to move the arch for you and I am glad you like your Cane Bracelet. Love you.