Friday, June 27, 2008

An Abundance of ...

day lilies in my yard and Mom's yard
is still no competition Jen's amazing tiger lily photo. Go to her blog to see her breath-taking photo.
This was taken yesterday of the four kittens curled up in a corner of their box. You can see the tuxedo kitten's face, paws, and chest. It has a spot of black on its chin, too. We have discovered one of the black kittens also has just a touch of white under its chin on its neck.
I changed the papers in their box last night.
First I tried to distract Stormy with some tuna in her bowl. Apparently I didn't move fast enough or she heard some sound because as soon as I had the box out from under the computer table she was right there. I had to take box and kittens to DH to hold while I transferred the kits to another box temporarily so I could take the soiled papers out. Stormy insisted on getting in the temporary box with the kittens. Once I had the papers changed and the kittens back in their nesting box and back under the table, Stormy settled down with them again.
The kittens have grown considerably in the past week. One of them has started to open its eyes. Smoke is interested in them but has not tried to get in the box with them. He just looks.


Mary C said...

Beautiful daylilies and darling little kitties. They really are growing quickly.

mon@rch said...

I noticed today that my first Day-lilies were opening!