Friday, June 20, 2008

Hoops Frisbees and Pins - Day 4

Last night the kids discovered themselves challenged on the playground. The purpose of the activity was to sail the frisbee into the hoop. The first team to reach 21 points won. Simple, right? It took them nearly the whole play period to achieve the goal. The little ones lost interest and climbed fences and such but the older kids could not believe they could not do this easily. Each team finally did reach 21 points.

Inside I tried to get a group photo of the kids in front of Darla's mural but everytime I clicked someone decided to change position. The joy of photographing children.

We finished the crosses last night for all those who were there. Our older kids (only 4 of those who started the crosses) were still missing for various reasons. I was so busy I forgot to take pictures of the completed crosses. I will have to remember tonight. I have a few partially completed crosses for anyone who did not come on either Wednesday or Thursday to finish tonight.

Our last night is tonight and there is no planned craft, just finishing up what needs finished and packing up supplies and decorations.

At home I let the dogs out and started over to Mom and Dad's to share the evening's activities with them. Sassy discovered a baby robin in the grass near the garage and chased it down the sidewalk. She actually had her mouth around it but never clamped down and the little thing made its escape under the gate. It fluttered and hopped its way into the bushes down by the front of the house and I later heard the parents and babe cheeping at each other there.

And the evening sky

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