Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Towers and Trumpets

I always have something simple for the kids to do when they begin arriving to try to cut down on the possibility of misbehavior. Last night it was building the Tower of Babel. The book said to use gumdrops, jelly beans, and marshmallows but I wanted to cut down on the sugar ingestion and knew the building supplies would be too tempting. So I cut up some foam pool noodles into different shapes and sizes and let the kids go with toothpicks and foam. They were creative ...

We had a guest speaker come to talk to the children about some Jewish traditions, etc. He was wonderful and explained things very clearly so that even we adults were fascinated by him. The kids answered and asked questions and were generally very good.


I have a book that gives materials and directions for making simple trumpets. Of course I adapted it for what we had available. The directions said to use funnels for the bell of the trumpet. We couldn't find a local supply cheaply enough and sister Beth came up with the most wonderful idea. We used the tops of water bottles that we saved ourselves or snatched from the kids when they finished with a bottle at VBS. We had a garden hose available (I spent the morning cutting it into 10" sections) and with just the hose, the bottle tops (thanks to the parents for helping cut those), duct tape, and aluminium foil we made trumpets.

I told the kids these were special trumpets. They only work thru the power of the mind. You can blow and blow and not make a sound or lo and behold you can make the most glorious noise!

They seranaded the kitchen staff with their trumpets and it should have been heard in Heaven.

We have enough left over supplies to do it again but the adults all voted for not this year.

The sky was beautiful again on the way home and I got a few pics of that too.

Tonight we start on the Clothespin Crosses. With the wide age range we have I am not certain how this one will go but I am determined that each child will take home a nice cross.


mon@rch said...

Looks like the kids are having fun!

Mary C said...

Martha, I like your creativity for making a trumpet. The Tower of Babel was also quite creative. It does look like the kids were enjoying themselves.

linda may said...

Don't we live in a beautiful world!

Martha said...

Monarch - Many of these kids are just left on their own with no guidance and they have so much fun having something inventive to do. I love watching their minds work.

Mary - we are a small church with a very small VBS budget. We have donations and fund raisers but we like to use the money on good snacks for the kids so I usually donate most of the crafts materials myself. And I love to recycle.

Linda - I am amazed every day by the wonder of the world. Just watching a child discover something new is a blessing.

Martha said...
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