Friday, June 6, 2008


Doesn't he look sweet! Not yet a year old.
Her Imperial Majesty finally let me get a picture of her green eyes.
We have A/C again! My nephew's father-in-law came last night and went over the outside unit and got it working again. He thinks we have a loose contact and will pick up a replacement part today and come back again on Saturday, weather permitting, to install it. In the meantime, the unit is working on prayers. We also recently installed a programmable thermostat but had not yet used it with the A/C since it was not working. We woke up in the wee hours this morning to discover the A/C was off and the temperature had risen again. DH certain something had gone wrong again. So this morning I read the instructions for the thermostat and it is working properly. It came pre-programed from the factory and we had not changed the factory settings. I have now made adjustments for us and we will see how it works. Temperatures today climbing into the 90's.
Yard sales tomorrow! Quite a list in the local paper. Beth and I will be out early.


mon@rch said...

boy has it been hot! Good time for some AC in the house! Love your cats green eyes!

Jen said...

You two and your yard sales...*sigh*

Okay! What did you get!? Huh? Huh? LOL!