Thursday, June 19, 2008

And on the third day ...

Glorious weather last evening, cool and sunny so the kids got to play outside and I finally remembered to go out and take pictures of them. It was some form of kick ball (adapted for the wide age range we have at VBS this year) and most of the kids participated gladly.

We had a few holdouts who thought they were too old to play with little kids

and some of the younger ones elected to try fence climbing and rope jumping instead.

But a good time it was.

The craft on Wednesday was the first day of construction of the Clothespin Crosses. The springs were removed ahead of time to cut down on pinches (my helper and I only suffered a few of those ourselves) and each child got a shirt box, wax paper, and deconstructed pins. Instead of individual glue bottles I poured the glue into small cups and gave them coffee stirrers to apply it with in hopes of cutting down on glops of glue. It seemed to work.

Even the holdouts from the playground were persuaded to join in and along with adult help we made good headway. All components are ready for the final assembly tonight.

Some of our older kids were away for ballgames and were not there last night but if they come tonight they will have opportunity to make a cross also. Unfortunately I cannot supply the large frames for each cross but each child will glue their cross to colorful paper backed by cardstock and will transport it home in the shirt boxes donated by a local store.

My feet have hurt so much from the concrete floor as I rarely sit down during VBS. Yesterday afternoon my DH suggested I get some of those gel insoles to put in my shoes. He was going to the drugstore and picked up some for me. Hallelujah! Peevishly I asked why he didn't think of this sooner but I am very very grateful. Now if we could do something for my lower back from bending over the tables to help kids ...

Another beautiful night sky to end the day.


linda may said...

Aw gee Aunty Martha! No lollies?
I like the no loitering sign above the girls. He he.

Martha said...

Linda, I thought the sign was perfect with these two.


Connie said...

Just a suggestion for your tired feet and aching back in case in the gel insoles don't help. Get some Croc style shoes. I get a knock off, because the real ones are a little expensive.

We cater food and I stand alot. No more backache or tired feet since I've been wearing Crocs.

Your VBS always looks like fun. You have some great ways of stretching the funds. Our church does't fully fund VBS, so we end up getting very creative!!!!