Saturday, June 21, 2008

VBS Last Day and new beginnings

Friday was the final day of VBS for 2008. There was a new mural painted by Darla.

We finished the clothespin crosses

and came up with several ideas for using the left-over springs.

The kids played outside again,

practiced their songs then sang their songs for parents

and we ate pizza.
Parents were pleased and kids were active and all the adult participants said "Ahhhhhh!" as we put our feet up.

I only took my potted plants and some other items home Friday night. We will do the packing away Sunday after church.

The sky was beautiful, tinged with pink and delivering several nice shots.

But the evening wasn't over yet. Stormy cat delivered her babies last night after I got home. I was sitting in my recliner and she decided she wanted to sit with me in spite of the fact that my dog Sassy was already on my lap. So Stormy settled on my shoulder and chest. Just after 10 pm she started having contractions but showed no other signs of distress. Then at 10:15 I felt dampness on my shoulder and almost before I could get her in the birthing box we had placed between our chairs she delivered the first of 5 kittens.

The last was born at 1:03 am. All 5 are vigorous and suckling and cry for momma if she leaves them for even a moment. There are two black, two grey tiger stripes, and one black with white feet, nose, chin, and chest.

Smoke has been interested but has not tried to get in the box with them.

This was not a planned pregnancy and steps will be taken to prevent a repeat but they are so sweet right now. We are presently vastly outnumbered with 2 humans, 2 dogs and now 7 cats in this small house.

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linda may said...

Goodness me you will be over run by kitties in a months time, but aren't they wonderful. Good luck with them. I am sure they have been born under better circumstances than smoke's last poor litter.
Martha, I hope you don't mind but I have chosen you to pass on an award to that I have been given. Please go to my blog to get it.
Love Linda.