Sunday, June 8, 2008

Air, I need air ...

or ... The continuing saga of the recalcitrant air conditioning system ...

Yesterday afternoon, Bob came back to work on the a/c again. He cleaned the outside unit and trimmed away the encroaching ivy (last year's time in The Boot really let it get away from me and I have not caught up with the yardwork yet) and installed the new part. We had cold air coming from the vents again. He also decided to go ahead and add some coolant to help keep the compressor cool. Wonderful. An hour and half in the sweltering heat but we had some nice breezes. The water in the hose that was in the sun was very warm when I sprayed my hands to clean them off. But we HAD cold air.

Overnight, we froze up. Bummer. So now the fan is running to help thaw the unit out and the fan is back in the completely opened bedroom window blowing relatively cooler air into the house at 9 am Sunday morning. Hopefully we will thaw soon and be able to try the unit again soon. Temperatures are expected to be in the 90's today.

In answer to Jen's comment about what did we buy at the yard sales ... Oh, did we enjoy ourselves. We left the house just after 8 am on a small trip to McMechen which is barely 3 miles away. We drove one block and stopped at a yard sale, we drove another block and stopped at a yard sale, we drove a little further and stopped at a block long yard sale, and so on and so on. We finally made it to McMechen about 11:00 am with the back of Dad's Tahoe packed full. We got birds, fish, sheep (VBS supplies), dinosaurs, picture frames and mats (can't wait to fill them), a little wicker porch chair, and I can't remember what all else. Beth has to tell Jen about a particular wearable item SHE found and came home with. We walked a community yard sale in Glen Dale's Sun Valley Drive and got nicely pink from the sun. I am still glowing today.

On a further note, the reason we had Dad's Tahoe is that Dad is in the hospital with a cracked pelvis. On Friday he was moving the window a/c for his computer room out of the basement in preparation for installing it in the window again. He had gotten the unit outside and put down and turned to go back in the basement and rolled on his ankle and fell into the basement. He got up and moved a few things in the basement and then called Mom to come help him because HE said he had to go to the hospital (how unusual for my Dad to admit he is hurt). Emergency room for hours and finally admitted to hospital later that evening. He will be in hospital for at least a week. He is able to move around and is not stuck in bed but they want him to stay there for a time. I am taking Mom up to sit with him in a little while and Beth will pick her up and bring her home later.


linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
Sorry to hear about your Dad. Your kittie has grown up beautifully. The mumma cat is so like my Boo cat I had in Junee. We lost her in the move to here. I miss her heaps.

Kim said...

Hi Aunt Martha! OM is Granpap okay! Your sister told me about it. Wow. Email me.

Love ya!