Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wild Rose Dawn

I have discovered an attraction to these types of photos recently. These roses are growing on the bank along the alley behind my house. When the grass cutters come again they may be gone but I hope they leave the roses and other wildflowers and just mow the field.

I wonder about my mind sometimes. Our air conditioner has been out since Sunday. We probably need to have the coolant recharged. So every fan in the house is running as my DH is constantly TOO HOT. Last night when we got home one of the fans decided it was not going to run anymore in spite of oil and WD40. Husband TOO HOT. I remembered where the little double window fan we have not used in a couple years was and put it in the bedroom window for overnight. Still TOO HOT ... This morning I remembered to raise the storm window so we actually are getting some cooler outside air. Duh! I'll have to tell him when he gets home tonight.

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