Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yard "Sailing" and VBS

Yesterday, Beth, Mom and I were out again in spite of the predicted rain. The night before we had thunderstorms and Saturday morning we discovered we had been blessed indeed. There were tree limbs and trees down on the street just north of us. A whole tree fell over just a few blocks away and on the way home we discovered the weeping willow at the upper end of the street had split and fallen. Thankfully both trees fell away from the houses they were close to. We did not even lose a garbage can lid. Beth said Mom called her to come downstairs during the storm and she knows there was at least one huge rumble that shook the house. DH and I could not have felt anything from outside the house as poor Sassy was tucked between us on the bed shaking the whole bed.

But back to the yard "sailing" we did yesterday. The first stop was an indoor sale with beautiful glassware and knicknacks. I found a creamer to match a sugar bowl I have had. On the way out Beth spotted a rustic dipper made from a gourd bowl and a hooked branch. We looked at it and commented how nice it would be for VBS but I was trying not to buy more decorations - I needed craft supplies. The lady came over and said to go ahead and take it since it was for a church. People can be wonderful.

Then we went to a block long yardsale on 5th Street. We managed one and were heading to the next when the rain began pattering down. Soon the patter became a shower and for the rest of the morning we were in various states of WET. It truly was yard SAILING from that point on. But we had fun. I found a number of items for VBS including pillows for the kids to sit on on the hard floor and a pad I can walk on at the crafts table to help absorb some of the impact of the floor. We went to see Dad at the hospital after we finished with the yardsales and were soaking wet walking into the hospital. Dad's doctor was at the nurses station when we walked in and was amazed to see the condition we were in. Beth used paper towels to dry her hair and Mom was glad to discover she had left a lightweight jacket in Dad's room from the night before so she could have something dry to wear. We went to lunch before going home and of course the rain came again - pouring down this time. Soaked again. Thankfully the rain let up and we were able to unload the Tahoe with no problem. So much fun but so tired.

And I still have lots to do to get ready for VBS which starts tomorrow night. Usually I have all my craft materials separated out for each craft and the general supplies packed. This year just hasn't worked the way it usually does. I still need to purchase some supplies and still have more materials to sort thru and separate. I have the crafts planned but don't have samples of everything yet. At least I can concentrate on VBS this week instead of work and VBS since I took the whole week off from work. I worked in the basement last night going thru supplies and figuring out what I still need. In fairly good shape but I will have to do more today.
This is a small pitcher I bought for Mom last week at a yard sale. She "collects" blue glass objects, usually birds, but we liked the pitcher.

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