Sunday, June 22, 2008

Contests, kitten pics, and awards

Jen has entered a contest that has a Nikon D60 DSLR camera as the prize. She has a link to her photos on her blog and if chosen as one of the finalists will need votes to help her win. See her Friday June 20 post for the link. She has submitted wonderful photos and there are THOUSANDS of others on the site. But I think Jen has some of the best (of course).

When DH and I went to bed last night Stormy and her kittens were in the blue crate in the living room. When I woke up this morning and went to check the crate was empty. No problem, I just went into the computer room and checked the box we had placed in another of her favorite spots and sure enough there was the whole family. It is quieter in the computer room and the box is more protected from the dogs as it is in a corner sheltered by a bookcase on one side, the leg of the computer table (and a "windscreen" of poster board to block the a/c from blowing on the box) on the other and the paper shredder in front (turned off, unplugged, and no chance of it coming on accidentally).

Stormy is still ravenous and is getting fed nearly every time she comes into the kitchen. She prefers tuna, of course, and is getting her fill of it right now. We have also added pedialyte to the drinking water. I will check with the vet tomorrow to see if I should do anything else for her. She is already eating dry kitten kibble which is supposed to help pregnant and nursing mothers.

I have been given another award (I never did figure out what to do about the first one Jen gave me, have to get back to that, too). Linda has passed on an award for bloggers who contribute to the blogging community through creativity, design, and interesting material. As soon as I figure out what/how to do it I will pass it on to others as well. Just too tired to figure it out tonight. But thank you so much, Linda. (See how tired I am, I almost forgot to say thanks and I really mean it.)

Darla and I packed away VBS for another year today. This meant multiple trips up and down three flights of church steps to store the decorations, etc., after first taking it all down and packing it in containers. We didn't get it all put away. Darla says she will do the rest over the next week or so herself as it will be stored in her third floor office area for the most part. Sister Beth stopped at the church on her way home from her churches in Cameron and we packed my craft supplies in the Tahoe then came home and she backed across the field to the gate and we unpacked the Tahoe and DH and I went up and down basement stairs getting it all inside and out of the way.

We are already making plans for next year. We hope to do the next in this series which is supposed to be Paul and the disciples in Rome. Many of the decorations we have will be suitable for this as well but I anticipate more yard sales in the future.

What a rambling post this has been just thinking with my fingers. Lovely to do. Here are a few non-feline pics I have taken recently.

Oh, yes, the day lilies are blooming too.

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