Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Colors

Here is the same view as the other day with Mom's maple nearing its color peak. It practically happened overnight. The burning bush in the picture is still glorious although past its prime now. The other burning bush turns just slightly later and is in full fire now.
The hills are breath-taking and the the morning light on the hilltops with the valley shrouded in mist is a beautiful sight.
Days have still been warm and the nights cooler. Momma cat and kittens are still doing fine. Midnight Smoke is a black puff ball that loves to snuggle with Dad when I take the kits over in the morning and then again later in the day. Both of Dad's dogs (one is actually sister Beth's) are fascinated with the kittens. Sam did put Maud's head in his mouth the other day but that was the extent of it (loud exclamations from Beth persuaded him retreat was in his best interest). Maud settles right down with Beth when I take her over and the two of them snuggle and whisper until I have to take her back. Momma cat comes running when I come back into the yard. Maud took a walk on Sunday and wandered almost to the street before I saw her and brought her back. Curiousity and bravery are a dangerous combination for little kittens.

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