Thursday, October 4, 2007

Momma is a hunter

... not only did she bring home the chipmunk yesterday morning, when I came home after work she had also brought a rabbit to the kittens. They will be eating well for a day or two.
This is the dark calico I held the other night. Last night I got to hold the light calico and took it over to show Mom and Dad. Still can't intice the smokey kitten to me though. That is the one Sassy had her mouth around so it is more skittish.

Momma and at least two kittens this morning while the dogs were in the yard. I am herding dogs, now. Every time they go out, I go out.

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Mary C said...

Beautiful kittens, Martha. It's quite comforting to know momma is taking such good care of them. Thanks for the update.