Saturday, October 13, 2007

A new winter shelter

was constructed for the cats today. I purchased a large plastic tote with a lockable lid and rigid foam insulation and a bale of straw while out shopping and when I came home I followed the directions from one of the websites I have been visiting and constructed a larger and hopefully warmer shelter for momma and kittens. I lined it with a reflective car windshield sunblocker and layered about 4 inches of straw inside.
The kittens have all been inside but momma has just poked her head in so far. The access hole is larger than the one I made in the foam cooler so she may try it out later. If not, I will put her box back down outside the door.

I have added a windbreak over the door to cut the force of the wind. The cat shelter (my Mom says I can't call it a cathouse) sits on my porch in the same location as the cooler shelter. I have layered cardboard around the back and sides to cut the force of any wind also. That plus the foam insulation and the reflective sunblocker and the thick straw should provide a nice warm shelter for the cats.
I checked out the local shelter today but they are overflowing with kittens right now. Midnight (Dad's name for the smokey black kitten), Maude (my sister's name for the the dark tortoiseshell) and Callie (my name for the sweet light calico) will stay with me along with momma cat until they get good homes. The dogs are adapting, too.


Mary C said...

My goodness! They sure have grown in just a week's time. I took note of your post from Oct 5, and then looked at these photos. Quite a difference, Martha. Kittens grow so fast, don't they? Here's hoping they find new homes, although I take it they are getting mighty comfy and adapting quite well where they are now. I pray for loving homes for them; at least as loving as the home you have provided for them.

Martha said...

Thanks Mary, you are right about them growing so quickly. They are exploring more now, too, so litter training has begun in anticipation of becoming indoor cats in someone's loving home.