Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leaves are still hanging on ...

in spite of the wind and rain we have had. The maple in Mom and Dad's yard has lost about half of its volume but still takes a nice picture in the setting sun.
Midnight Smoke has discovered the joys of tiny little claws and styrofoam shelter insulation. This is after he was cleaned up enough to go in the house. Looking at this picture I can see how much he is growing. He spent part of the evening on my chest again with Sassy on my lap then he settled quite nicely into his kitchen shelter and spent the night indoors without protest. Momma cat has condescended to sleep in a wicker basket packed with straw inside a box turned on its side and also packed with straw and insulation sheets. I draped a folded sheet over the top of the box and partly down the front to cut the breeze also. Her fur felt cool but not cold this morning when I checked on her. The thermometer was just above freezing.
Today is my husband's 58th birthday. This is our time of year. His birthday, our wedding anniversary and my birthday all take place within the next month. He is still off work right now with his foot in the Boot. He goes to see the doctor tomorrow and we expect he will be off another two weeks at least.

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