Friday, October 26, 2007

Peach Splendor and Smoke

The maple in Mom and Dad's yard was a radiant peachy-red in the few times of sunlight we had yesterday. Thankfully, some of those times happened after I got home so I was able to capture some nice pics of the scene. With more rain and some wind predicted, this is probably the beginning of the end of the colorful trees. You can see a close-up of this tree on Jen's blog.
Midnight Smoke and Momma cat have found a comfortable high resting place that leaves them feeling secure enough that they hardly even acknowledge the dogs coming out of the house. I am storing some items on the porch protected by plastic sheeting and the cats have climbed to the top of a stack but are still sheltered by a higher box and nestled into the top of a box of craft supplies (I don't remember anything breakable or crushable in that particular box). Smoke climbs up and down all by himself. He is eating, drinking, and doing business and takes his medicine and vitamins with little protest. I took him over to Mom and Dad's last night and he fell asleep against Dad's stomach and dreamed and purred. He was sorry to leave that warm safe haven when we had to go home. I read in the information the vet gave us that kittens should be handled by at least 4 people a day for a minimum of 40 minutes to socialize them. Dad is happy to do his part.
Mary may be right about the other two succumbing to respiratory infections. The vet said and I have read that weaning is a very dangerous time for kittens and many die during that period for various reasons. The symptoms of Callie and Maude did not appear the same to me but that does not really mean anything. What matters now is Smoke and he seems to be doing fine for something that only weighed 1.2 pounds at the vet's office.

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linda may said...

G'Day Martha,
I love the way the photos you have been taking have shown the progression of the autumn colour changes in the Maple and burning bush. So sorry to hear about you loosing Maude. I reckon you have fallen for Mumma Cat and Co. big time. Lets hope all works out well for them.It would be nice if the neighbour has the kitten because you might still see him occasionally.