Sunday, October 7, 2007

We need homes ...

All three kittens are out from under the porch and exploring the porch and the yard.
They are still a little shy of the giant who keeps looking at them and taking pictures but I have held each one and even taken them over to Mom and Dad's.
After sister Beth got home from the rehab center yesterday I even took the smokey black kitten over for her to hold for a time. That one seems less skittish of me now than the others and was very content laying upside down in my hands and Dad's hands while we checked gender. We think all three kittens are female.
Momma cat has climbed into my lap on her own several times now and has begun talking to me. She is so sweet as are the kittens. Homes must be found for them. I have emailed family again to see if any of the possibilities mentioned last week are still in progress. Failing that, I will have to take them to a shelter but I do not want to do that.
Anyone in Moundsville, West Virginia, area looking for a kitten?


mon@rch said...

They are very cute for sure! Awww

linda may said...

They are so adorable , I think they have won your heart and they wil be very hard to give away, let alone take to a shelter. The Mummy cat looks so like my cat Boo to look at, same fluffy tail and al,, except Boo has one all white fore leg.