Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday Morning Reflections

The sun was shining and the air was crisp so, of course, I went shooting. I was in the driveway over at Mom and Dad's when Jen pulled in to pick up sister Beth to take her to her churches in Cameron. Being just as addicted as I am, Jen joined me in taking photos of the leaves, the trees, the water droplets ... I found the above shot after Jen and Beth left. It is the birdbath (in need of cleaning) beside the driveway. I got several wonderful shots of reflections in the water.

Midnight Smoke spent the night in the house last night. Temperatures dropped to freezing overnight and I could not leave the little fella outside. He is not big enough to generate much heat on his own to warm the shelter and Momma cat still will not go inside the shelter. So Smoke came in and spent the night in an uninsulated shelter in the kitchen. It took him some time to settle down and Sassy could hardly stand having that THING in her house. She kept creeping into the kitchen and putting her nose up to the grating to see just what was making that noise in her house. When I went to bed, though, she left Smoke alone and came with me. He is a very quiet kitten so far. Only a few meows that I heard all night and most of those were when someone was in the kitchen where he could see them. His appetite continues to be good and he actually likes taking his medicine and the liquid vitamins. He almost voluntarily opens his mouth for the dropper. I have been bringing him in for extended contact sessions and he sleeps quite peacefully on my chest with Sassy unbeliveably sleeping on my lap below him. She does not like it but she is accepting it for now.

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