Monday, October 15, 2007

I do still take pictures

of something other than cats. It is just that these little ones have involved so much care and I have been trying to find homes for them before winter. But this weekend I was able to wander the two yards and the field again and got some nice shots of Mom's Burning Bush in the morning light
and one of the last flowers still brave enough to be blooming. I have photographed these blooms in various stages ever since I could get out and walk without too much pain this year. The air was crisp and clean and the sky was so blue with big fluffy clouds. I left the poor dogs inside so I didn't have to worry about adventuresome kitties.
Cats and dogs are all adapting to each other. Momma cat and Myste get along fine but as soon as Sassy comes near, momma hisses and arches her back. But at least Sassy has stopped dashing out the door intent on catching something. I keep saying "Gently, my Sassy" to her as I open the door and she walks out instead of running. The kits are getting braver and wandering more so once this weekend I missed seeing where two of them were when I let the dogs out. Sassy knocked tortoiseshell "Maude" around but did no damage to her other than a little wet fur. Maude discovered she has four feet with the sharpest little claws on earth. Sassy found out, too.
I have cleaned up the spot where momma and kittens were doing necessary things and installed a covered litter pan in the same location. Momma used it immediately so she has been litter-trained. Now we will see about the kittens. If they can be litter-trained, too, they have a better chance of indoor homes.
I have to include at least one cat picture. This is from Friday evening.


linda may said...

G'Day Martha, The picture of your Mum's burning bush is beatiful with the light making the leaves transparent. What is a burning bush, I don't recognise it. It probably would not go so red in autumn here.

Martha said...

Hi Linda, I think this is the one my mom has:Euonymus alatus,Burning Bush or Winged Euonymus. Try this site
It has a lot of good information on the plant.