Thursday, October 11, 2007

The warm weather has fled ...

and momma and her kittens are still here. I worried about them with the temperatures dropping overnight so yesterday morning I checked out some websites about providing shelter for outdoor cats. One of the suggestions for a temporary shelter was a foam cooler with a hole cut in the lid. I had an old one in the basement and used it
to make a shelter that I put out yesterday morning so the kittens could become accustomed to it during the day. I wedged it between two rolling storage carts I have on the porch and weighted it down with a brick (making certain the brick could not slide off and injure an inquisitive feline).

This morning there was evidence that the kittens at least like the new hole to climb in.

All three can be seen here. I have not seen momma in the box but she has stuck her head in to check on the kits. I made the hole large enough for momma to use and the cooler is large enough also but she may not like only one access.

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Mary C said...

Oh, they are so cute. And you are doing such a great job on providing something warmer for the little kitties. Any idea how old they are by now?