Friday, October 5, 2007

Potted Kittens

Two of the kittens were nestled into a flowerpot this morning when I checked on them before letting the dogs out. I have only seen these two since Wednesday after momma brought the rabbit to them. The other may be further back in the den or may be gone. Momma must have been off hunting this morning as the kittens were alone.

I feed momma last night. I had to discard the remains of the rabbit as she had dragged it out of the den into the yard and I did not want the dogs to get it even if there was not much left. So I opened a can of tuna and put it on a tray. I thought she might have the kittens come out and share it but momma ate every bit of it herself. Later in the evening Momma climbed into my lap as I sat on the porch steps and allowed a lengthy ear rubbing session. She has also allowed me to pick her up and snuggles and purrs.

The dogs are becoming accustomed to the cats. Myste has been nose-to-nose with momma with no problems on either side. Sassy is still excited by them but the more she sees me with them the less grabby she seems to be. I have heard from two sources who may know someone who will take a kitten. I hope to hear back this weekend.

EDIT: There are still three kittens. I was just outside with the dogs @ 7 am and all three were snuggled into the flowerpot and momma was back, too.

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Mary C said...

Thanks, Martha, for the update. They are still adorable as ever. I'm so glad to hear that the dogs are getting used to the cats, and it sounds like momma kitty may have been around dogs before if she wasn't upset about being nose to nose with one of your dogs. That would have been quite a picture, too! :)