Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This is momma cat. She is very young herself and not really a calico as I thought. She came out from under the porch tonight and let me pet and scratch her but said "No, thank you" to being picked up. Below is the calico baby I first mistook for momma in the dark under the porch.
And here are Momma and two of the kittens. I have held the dark calico at her side. The light calico pictured above is under Momma's tail here. The third kitten has escaped being photographed as yet. It is a smokey gray-black a little darker than the dark calico but with no white or other colors I have seen so far.
All three kittens are getting bolder and coming out further. The black kitten has explored as far as my flower pot storage and was sleeping in an unused pot earlier this evening (of course I did not have the camera at that time). Below the calico kitten is sitting on top of one of the cement blocks I used to narrow the opening under the porch in an effort to keep the dogs from trying to climb under.

They are not wild and are quickly becoming accustomed to me. Unfortunately, that makes them more vulnerable to the dogs also as they may come to me when I am trying to guard them from the dogs. I miss having cats but there is no way I can have an indoor cat at this time and want these to go to good homes. If there are no offers I will have to catch them soon and take them to the animal shelter - a last resort for me.


Mary C said...

Martha, it sounds like momma hasn't been homeless that long - so I guess she really isn't considered feral. That is good because they will be much easier to be adopted. They sure are beautiful cats/kittys.

Martha said...

You are right, Mary. Momma cat is sweet and loving so she is definitely used to people and the kittens are at the right age to be adopted. I emailed family and hope someone will make homes for them. Momma is a hunter, she brought a chipmunk to the kittens this morning. Not pleasant for me but good for them.

linda may said...

G'Day Martha, We've had 2 clico patterned cats here, one we named Cammie(camouflage cat)because she had a camouflage pattern, I thought it was funny to call her that at the time.The other one was Ariadne because my daughter was going through a roman mythology phase and liked the name. Can you imagine calling that from the front porch. They both had loving personalities but it had to be their idea, not yours if they deciced to cuddle you. They both succombed to late night car accidents while hunting. The cat we have now is an inside cat as a consequence, her name is Boo as she is very timid, she is a tabby cat and very similar in looks to your stray mummy cat.